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As enthusiastic 4×4’ers, we know that every kilo counts. Balancing necessity with comfort is a challenge we’ve all been through, in building, modifying and travelling with our vehicles and families. Talk in the 4×4 community about the rising cost of living, fuel, and the opportunity cost of weight, led us to create a modular furniture fitout system designed to minimise weight and maximise comfort. Overland components and kits are engineered to help you go further; to see more, do more, enjoy more. For more information on Overland as it becomes available, sign up to be the first to hear about our full website and range launch below.

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The Overland range of modular 4×4 internal fitout kits are made with a lightweight aluminium honeycomb panelling that is engineered to reduce overall vehicle weight, and increases fuel efficiency. Overland is the timber alternative that will last year after year.  Fitted with premium quality hardware components, Overland modular fitout kits won’t let you down when you’re on or off the road.

Overland hardware components, also sold separately, will give you the freedom to upgrade your current set up when and where you want to. Stay updated on our product releases and hear from the Overland network of community experts by entering your details below. 

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